Jane's blessing

It is tradition in LDS families for a new baby to receive a father's blessing. Since we were in Washington with all of Brian's family, we arranged to have Jane blessed while we were there. This was a little bitter sweet for me because ever since she was born, we were trying to figure out how and when to bless her so my dad could be there too. As the effects of cancer grew worse we focused on other things and did not get around to it. We still had a nice time with the Stuckis but with the recent circumstances I wished my mom could have been there. My sister's family who lives in the area was able to come and it was very nice for Brian to have his whole family present.

This is my family traditional blessing dress. My two sisters and I were blessed in this dress, my cousin, and many nieces. My grandma Hinckley purchased it while in France and it was made by nuns. Jane looked very sweet.

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  1. malia said...
    Oh she is very sweet in that dress. it's beautiful! i'm sorry that your father wasn't able to be there with you. :(

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