Happy Birthday Mallory

My brother's daughter turned 1 yesterday and they had a cute little party. She has great eyes and enjoyed her cupcake. My brother claims he needs to add on to their house to make room for all her gifts.

Colin contemplates the cupcakes. Oh the temptation!

This was some bad parenting on my part. . .

You can tell in his face he is waiting to see what I will do since he is stealing a cupcake. I thought he was being kind of cute so although I was telling him to put it back, I continued to take his photo (rewarding the behavior). After this first stolen cupcake, he did it again a few minutes later but the second time he grabbed it and ran and did get a time out. Later during the party when it was actually time to eat cupcakes, he was not at all interested in them.

Jane also enjoyed the party.
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  1. malia said...
    ha ha. i love the cupcake theif! and that last picture of jane is sooo precious! what a cutie!

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