(above, Brian in the Barber of Seville in Mexico City)

After a few months at home (and technically unemployed, but we like to call it extended paternity leave or just vacation), Brian's work schedule is taking our family traveling again soon. The next few months are all operas Brian has done before, which means I have photos from past engagements to talk about future ones! He has a few other engagements coming up of new things, but for the shorter engagements, we will probably just send Brian and not drag along the wife and two kids. For anything longer than 2 weeks we will try and work things out to travel as a family, unless the short engagment is in Hawaii, then we will make it a family trip. (Hawaii plans are in the works for next Spring, thanks again for all your work Guy, Kristin, and Yulia).

First, we go on the road for a Barber of Seville with Opera Pacific this October. Opera Pacific is in Orange County, CA. We are renting a cute little house and I am a little excited to go to Disneyland. I have not been to California Disneyland since I was 5. I made it to Tokyo Disneyland as a teenager and we considered going to EuroDisneyland this past January, but I think Colin is at a better age to enjoy it now, and he is still free! We have the good fortune of having quite a few friends in Southern California so we will get to see some people too.

We then hope to be home again in November. Brian has a few performances of the Messiah with Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society in early December. I hope to travel with the baby and maybe Colin for this since I have never been to Boston. Just for some Messiah trivia, the American premier of the Messiah was buy the Handel and Haydn Society. As Brian loves singing the Messiah, and they have an incredible orchestra and choir, he is excited to sing with them.

We then have only a couple of days at home before we need to get up to Seattle for Brian to start working on the Pearl Fishers with Seattle Opera. (The photo above from when he did the Pearl Fishers last Fall in Kansas City). I have mentioned before that the Seattle production will involve a lot less clothing for Brian, since he will be shirtless in Seattle. (As I write this he is just finishing some weight lifting.) We are excited to spend time in Seattle since we have a lot of family and friends in the area, but I am a little sad to not be in our own home for Christmas. I am sad too because I would like to get Colin a little bike but we will not be able to give or receive any hard to pack gifts.

Right after Seattle, we will need to get to North Carolina for a production of La Cenerentola with the Opera Company of North Carolina. Above is Brian in his dressing room after he sang Cenerentola with Michigan Opera Theatre in 2006 just out of grad school. It is kind of funny because our friend Becky took this photo since I did not have a camera. Becky and some friends drove up from Indiana for the opera, and now Becky has moved to North Carolina. It is like we are stalking her with opera! Another great thing about NC is our dear friend DLF. Danal, as we lovingly call her, is one of my friends from my freshman year of college. The opera is housing Brian, but his digs may not be spacious enough for all of us, so we all might stay in her extra bedroom, since there is nothing like housing a little family of four in your extra bedroom!

All I can say to summarize things is thanks for making our living by singing, Brian. It is pretty great.

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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    It's true -- your life is infinitely more exciting than ours! Please keep posting on all your travels so we can go along in your pocket.
    Christie Norris said...
    I'm so excited for you. And in some of those pictures, I never would have recognized Brian. Good luck!
    malia said...
    that is awesome, awesome! what adventures you have! best of luck!

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