The Basement

I can't believe we haven't blogged more of the basement process. We'll try to do better.

So this is the completed floor of the basement remodel. It is acid-stained concrete. It was hard work (Brian's hard work)- removal of several layers of paint to expose bare concrete, extensive cleaning, applying the stain, extensive cleaning, 4 layers of sealer and 4 layers of wax. We hope the extreme concrete dust hasn't compromised Brian's voice, but we think the finished product is quite stunning. The variations in the concrete are really interesting, and the cracks look super cool. Incidentally, the gridlines are left from my grandpa's original work on the floor. How they managed to appear after all the grinding and sanding is a bit of a mystery, but we also love how they look.

Another section of floor. We think some of the splotchiness on the floor here may be from when spilled gunpowder from my Dad's hand loading reacted with the concrete. So the floor bears the marks of three generations of my men. Kind of fun.
The timing of the basement remodel hasn't been so fun however, as it has coincided with a herniated disc in my back. But how do you well time a herniated disc? I am feeling much better now though. Thank you corticosteroids and lortab.

Tomorrow begins the framing.
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  1. rusted sun said...
    The floor looks beautiful. I love the grid lines.

    I hope your back starts feeling better soon.
    Ann said...
    I am doing a lot better and hope to lead a normal life again someday, thanks.

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