Don't put chocolate in your eye.

Later that day, after grape juice, cream, and some Parmesan. Colin loves Parmesan, even the rind.

On another day when he was clean. He started preschool this month and my main efforts of keeping him clean are all on preschool days. Other than that, it is still summer, what is a little dirtiness going to hurt?

I am a little unsure what to do with Jane's shaggy hair. I try to pull her bangs back with a barrette, which is very cute, but she has declared war on all things on her head. I guess a bang trim is in her future.

(My brother Pat complains our blog is really boring when we are home. We have a couple trips coming up so maybe things will get more exciting.)
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  1. Julie said...
    Great chocolate art Colin!

    We finally decided a couple of weeks ago to trim Addi's mullet. It was out of control & kinda ugly. We got some grief from a few people but I'm convinced it was the right thing to do! The front of her hair is actually pretty short on its own but she has recently developed a love for bows & barrettes. Every morning she pats her head for a bow or her pink BYU hat, its cute.

    Also, the previous post of groggy Jane is very cute!
    susan m hinckley said...
    I don't ever think your blog is boring, Ann, because your pictures are absolutely beautiful. You can make chocolate, cream and parmesan look like it belongs in a magazine. Keep doing what you do.
    malia said...
    hahaha. this post made me laugh. I love that he put chocolate on his eyes. well, i guess i just think it's funny.

    and jane is just the sweetest ever. good luck with the hair wars.

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