Happy Six Years!

SO happy that Brian realized he is in love with me and that we got married all of six years ago! Not much going on anniversary-wise today but a mid-week get-away to Park City (kid free!) will be lovely.

I have been in love with Brian almost half of my life. Even after several years of marriage I used to have dreams that we were in college and he was not returning my affection. I now have dreams that we forgot to get married but have two kids. Speaking of which, better pay attention to them. (Jane just got into the flour and Colin is searching for more "sharp things". Such a busy time!)

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  1. malia said...
    wow! i cannot believe it has been 6 years! congratulations! i remember when you got married. i remember when you were dating. AND i remember thinking that i love your love story so very much! i still do actually. it is one of my favorites. silly, brian for taking so long. :)

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