Little Friends

It has been so great to see Colin and Jane really start to play. They are so cute together. Jane loves to give Colin cuddles and kisses and he is so sweet to his sister. They are sharing a room and love it. At night they just chatter themselves to sleep and in the morning when Jane has gotten up before Colin, he cries because he wants his sister in their room. One morning when I had Jane with me and he woke up alone he even searched all over the house (thinking she was just lost in the house somewhere). They are both big Dora fans and enjoy watching together. Jane sings the theme song and the backpack theme. She has started to count in Spanish and yells "salta!" with us. She is such a little sponge. Her other favorite thing to say right now is hot dog, although she is not a big fan of eating them.

Somehow they both ended up with no shirt on by the end of this day, and for Colin, no pants too. He is in big boy underwear and is doing so great. He even started a cute preschool on Aug 3rd. I had been telling him since his birthday that when he learns to use the potty he could go to school and it has come true. He likes to tell the story of when he went to school and it goes like this, "once upon a time when Colin learned to put all his pee pee and poopy in the potty he got to go to preschool. The end."

Fun with Nana's Wellies with little sister right behind.

Jane conquered doorknobs today. I could tell she had been studying them for a while and made a major break though today. I had both my kids in the bathroom with me (since Mommy does not get private time ever) and in two second she was out the bathroom door and out the side door to outside. She was very proud of herself, and I will be off the buy the child-proof covers tomorrow. Colin had the child-proof covers conquered by about 17 months so we will see how long it takes Jane.
In the last couple of weeks she has also figured out the sliding glass doors, and she can already get her leg up over the crib (but hopefully that escape is not anytime soon). I had forgotten how busy ages 1-3 are.
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  1. malia said...
    oh! these are so precious! i hope that they will stay friends forever and ever. :)

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