and some Jane

Jane also got a very cute new hair cut.

She still has a week before her preschool starts. She is very excited and I think she will do very, very well. She has taken a couple of summer classes and I think she'll enjoy the structure. She is very smart, which is almost a little scary sometimes.

Classic Jane. She has been reminded that there is no nose picking at school.

She has been so sweet during the end of my pregnancy and during my recent cold (which has dragged on 12 days now, so not normal for me! My midwife said it is not uncommon for labor to delay while the mom is sick, really, really great.) Anyway, Jane cuddles with me most afternoons so we get some rest. We slept until almost 6pm tonight, which was a little over the top. She is going to be chatting and singing to herself in her bed probably until 10:30-11pm.

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  1. Erin said...
    Love, love, LOVE her hair!

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