More Summer

The photo above is actually from 2009, but it is one of my favorites of Colin and summertime. It's been a fun summer, but I am mainly ready for it to end and not to be pregnant anymore. My head cold from our anniversary has moved into my chest. I never get sick like this so why now? Brian is ready for me to move onto new things to complain about like postpartum issues.

We have spent a lot of time this summer in very little clothing. Both kids love undie time, which has been handy with adventures in potty training. I do not know how I will handle teenagers since getting through late pregnancy and potty training have about done me in.

Speaking of potty training (since it has taken up a lot of my time) we have made some very serious success this week with the number 2 issue. Number 1 has been no problem for months, but Jane had some very serious psychological hang ups with solid waste. Poor little thing, it really has been kind of terrible and was making her so upset. The above bubbles were one of her poopy prizes, and we have had several poppy parties this week to re-enforce her success. And today, all on her own, she hopped up and got it done. I really, really needed this small miracle this week! Let's hope there is not too much regression.

We have also spent a lot of time in jammies. Why get dressed when we mainly hang out at home?

I love Colin's bed head. Both kids have gotten cute new haircuts I need to take photos. Colin also met individually with his kindergarten teacher today for an assessment. She seems very great, can't believe he is a big kindergartner!

So many changes coming up, I will probably miss the jammie days with my 2 cute kids. They really are delightful children.

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  1. Dawn said...
    Oh my gosh, I just love Jane's little haircut. She is completely adorable!!

    Sorry for late pregnancy woes and sickness. Hope you have some relief soon. :) Can't wait to meet that little girl!
    Hilary said...
    I so get it being a miracle when they actually go. {HORRAY!}

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