We had our 8th anniversary this week. It was pretty low key. I had a very bad night of sleep that night due to late pregnancy, and to make late pregnancy even more fun, I seem to have a head cold. I am just really fun to be around these days. To celebrate, Brian and I went out to lunch at a super great Mediterranean place, it was very, very delicious. Then I took a nap with Jane, it was awesome.

I looked through our wedding photos with Jane after our nap. She was so sweet because over and over she would say, "Mommy was the Princess and Daddy was the Prince."

We did have a very great wedding, and have had 8 action packed years. I need to formally write down how it all happened but have no energy for all the details right now. I did look up the email Brian sent to his high school friends after we got engaged so I will let him tell it in a nutshell:

I just want to let you all know that I'm engaged to be married! I know this may seem like fast work, but actually it's been ten years in the making. I'm proposed 4 days ago to one of my dearest, closest friends (I've always wanted to marry my best friend). Her name is Ann Hinckley and we met our freshman year of college. We have been kind of a constant reference point to each other since than- and we are in reality certified soul mates (according to a Ladies home journal quiz I recently took). This January as things were fizzling with another girlfriend, I began to realize that the connection I was craving- the one that made me feel like the best version of myself, that kept me buoyant and made me feel intuitively the richness of life, was the connection I had to my Ann. I had frequently said to myself, "If I could just find someone like Ann...". Then I realized that I have found someone like Ann. Her name is Ann. I am a complete genius. It only took me ten years.

Brian was worth the 10 year wait.


  1. Erin said...
    Beautiful words from Brian (sniffs the crying lady). Hope your head cold gets better so you can enjoy (?) the upcoming birth.
    Mendel Markel, said...
    What a great letter! My wife and I (married 13 years) have had a few such low key anniversaries. The all out big plan ones don't always come together for a woman busy bearing and raising 4 beautiful kids.

    Your daughter's comments reminded me of a funny comment my 3 year old daughter, Aliza, made the other day when looking at our wedding pictures. Seeing her mother in a white bridal gown, she asked "was that Mama's wedding?" When I replied affirmatively she asked "when was your wedding?"

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