New school hair cut

As Colin was getting very shaggy, Brian gave him a new hair cut not long ago to help get ready for school. I love the photo above, so classic Colin. The morning school schedule is going to be a bit of a shock to our system, it is almost 9:30 pm right now and kids are still settling down. We have not been getting up until 8:30 a lot of days and that won't really work anymore. At least it is getting dark earlier, but so much of our kids not getting to bed early is Brian and I not having the energy to get them to bed.

Colin is very excited for kindergarten, which starts tomorrow. He got to meet individually with his teacher this last week and she seems very, very nice. I have his favorite Transformers shirt and shiny blue shorts in the dryer right now to make sure they are clean and ready for school. He also chose out some very crazy light up school shoes (we worry they might cause seizures) but he loves them. I need to let go of my own vanity a bit as I would keep dressing him in clothes I like, but it is great he dresses himself and has his own ideas too.

Also classic awkward smile, so cute!

I can hardly believe he is so big! We hope school does not take away all of his sweet little nature. There is still something so innocent in Colin.

And he still pretty much always has a toy in his hand.

He is a very delightful child.

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