Excited kids

Brian got these cute photos of Colin when we were unpacking Christmas decorations. I got this Nutcracker at a 5k fundraiser that my friends and I did in 2000. It was a ballet fundraiser and we ran in dramatic tutus made of garbage bags, tiaras, lots of make-up, etc. Kind of glad a lot of my young adult life was before digital cameras, blogs, and facebook.

No photo, but the other day I caught Colin and Jane setting up our Little People Nativity set and rolling a ball to bowl them. I had to tell them that we do not bowl the Holy Family.

Jane is always excited about anything electronic these days. We have had many, many tantrums involving Nana's ipad or Daddy's smartphone.

Both kids love to cuddle Kate. So cute!

We are rounding out a week without Brian. It has been very long, but we are surviving. Thankfully my mom is close but I try to not ask too much of her. My heart goes out to single and military moms. Brian is in Virginia singing Messiahs but back Monday morning. Just one more Messiah gig this season, then full focus on Christmas and a nice break.
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  1. Erin said...
    Oof, a week without Dad is a hard week. Hooray for gigs and hooray for homecomings:)

    I'm with you on being grateful that every moment of my earlier years is not digitally documented!
    Julie said...
    Haha! That 5 k was so fun!!! Good times ;) "We don't bowl the Holy family", how funny! We have electronics begging at our house sometimes too. When I finally got my own smart phone I told the kids that mine doesn't do kid games or shows, they bought it so I don't get badgered like daddy does!! I'm glad Brian will be home for Christmas, that will be nice. Have fun!

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