It has been a wild month. Brian was gone for about 8 days while I was sick which thankfully, I survived better than I thought we would. The weekend before Christmas Brian had two more Messiahs in Boise. As it is not too far, we loaded everyone up for the weekend. Above are the kids in the hotel. They were delighted to go on a little trip. Colin said several times how he wished we could stay longer.

Downtown Boise is really cute. I had intended to take photos but everything is just a little harder with 3 kids.

The hotel room was fun for a while, before Colin and Jane got sick of each other.

Brian and the same conductor and soloists were also in VA. Our kids got to play with two of the singers' daughter. Colin and Jane were delighted, and she was a very cute girl.

Not long after we were home from Boise, Kate and Brian got the cold that we had been passing around the house. Kate was so sad sick, and Brian's illness has taken some unexpected turns. They were cute napping together.

I had the camera close and got a handful of everyday happenings on Winter Break. Lunch in jammies!

We have also been painting rocks. Colin can't decide if he should keep his rocks or sell them.

Just general craziness here. It was not quite the week before Christmas we thought we would have.
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