Kate's Blessing

About a month ago now, Kate had her blessing. (So hard to blog with 3 kids! And so behind on our family books I make from the blog. I was making good progress but then got stuck in our Japan trip from the summer of 2010. I hope to catch up, our kids love looking at the blurb books.) Anyhow, in our church father's give new babies a name and blessing. Brian gave a beautiful blessing, which I wish I could have paid more attention to rather than dealing with Jane. Jane did settle down in not much time. She had been excited for the blessing and frequently in her prayers would bless Kate for special blessing. Now Colin and Jane both ask for Kate to have health and strength in their prayers, so sweet! And Jane went through a long period in her prayers where she would bless Nana to set the hoses.

Kate wore the family dress that goes back 50 years now. She slept through most of her photos.

She finally got a little smiley once she was in more comfy clothes.


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