We were a bit worried about the monster trip to Paris since the day before we left Colin threw up and the day we left he had diarrhea (both NOT the things you want to deal with while traveling across the Atlantic with your toddler). We flew to Las Vegas on the 30th before flying out on the 31st and got to see our friend Susan which was lovely. But Colin was a major handful even on that very short flight which made us worry for our future. I had many changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, and extra plastic bags with us on the flight ready for anything. As he usually does, Colin was a great little traveler. He watched his dvd player all the way to Chicago and then was asleep before our plane took off for Paris. Brian had a rough night on the plane from Paris as he seems to have caught Colin's stomach flu and spent a lot of time in the lavatory, but he was feeling better, though weakened, by the time we landed. He thinks he was leaning over the toilet just as the New Year rang in Utah- Happy 2008!
Amazingly, we arrived, re-collected all our belongings (our stroller did not make it to us at the gate in Chicago so I was a little worried it may not find us in Paris but it did) and we made our way on the train and then a cab to our hotel. We are in a great location, just a block from a park and walking distance to lots of what we want to see. We hope tonight goes well. It is just after 8:30 pm and Colin just had a long stroller nap while we explored our neighborhood this evening and Brian is asleep on the bed. Hmm. . . we shall see. We will post photos when we take them. The picure above is the posh shopping center we saw all decked out for the Holidays on our walk. It's fun to see Paris all festive. Happy New Year!


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