Bed head

Colin has been hard to photograph since he figured out how to get down from the stool I use for photography. (I used to be able to sit him on it and since he could not get down, I could get some shots.) But yesterday I wanted to try something and he willingly got on my photography stool and let me take a few photos of him. He is at a very cute little toddler stage.

I kind of love his bed head.

I told him we would take photos of him and his ambulance. He has moved on to emergency vehicles.
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  1. Dawn said...
    I love the pictures. He is so adorable, as is Jane. Cute, cute cute!!! Anyway, so we have a blog now. It's doesn't have anything on it yet, but it's thought I'd let you know! I hope everyone's well. :)
    april said...
    colin is getting so big!!!
    Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    Very cute!
    malia said...
    he is growing up so fast! i can hardly believe it!!

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