Utah State Fair

We have been doing many things but not taking photos. These two are courtesy of our friend Sue Anne since we left our camera in the car. The fair was fun, even though both of our kids were acting up before we left and I did not even want to go. Colin was delighted with the Ferris Wheel. I could not believe the price as it took $12 for the three of us to ride (Jane stayed with Sue Anne.) But Colin was so excited it was worth it. (See his little face in the photo?) Brian should have entered his bread for judging and there actually was a pie contest the night we were there. It was some pie contest where Governor Huntsman was the judge. The Utah Fair still has nothing on the wonder that is the Indiana State Fair, but it was a good time. Colin is such a cute age for things like this, and Jane is so sweet and portable.

Our time in Utah is winding down since the next opera is coming up soon. We will be sad to not be in Utah in October since there will still be more canning to do, but it is nice for Brian to be employed every now and again.

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