Home alone

Until this week, I have only been alone (without Brian) with my children for maybe 4 hours at the most, and even when I have been without Brian, my mom or someone has usually been around. This week however, my mom is gone and not on just a little trip but a trip to Europe and Brian had a little IU thing in Indiana so I had to face my children alone. Lucky for me, our friend Sue Anne is still staying here or I really would have lost it. (For one thing our house is really noisy so it is just nice to have someone else in the house. For another thing, Colin and Jane LOVE Sue Anne and little bits of distraction are so nice! The last time I was going to be home alone with Colin because my mom was going out of town and Brian had a concert, my sweet Dad delayed his trip so another adult would be here. That was just this last May when he was still doing quite well.)
I realize how very, very spoiled I have been to have Brian around so much and that most mothers have to deal with their children alone for 8-10+ hours a day. I am grateful for the opera schedule for when we travel since we really have a lot of family time together. We all have had a little cold this week but mostly seem to be over it by now. Colin has been out of sorts a bit without his Dada and Nana around. There have been a few melt-downs but he seems to be doing a little better, especially since Brian comes home tomorrow. It is cute because when Brian has a longer show where he has to fly we have told him Dada has to go to work on the airplane. I think Colin views this as Dada working on the airplane. I was telling Colin that Dada's work is singing and he told me that Dada is singing on the airplane.
I have not enjoyed taking both kids out alone, so we have only left the house twice since Wednesday. I think Colin can sense my vulnerability and does not cooperate getting back in the car. It is not so fun to have Jane in a front carrier, a diaper bag and a huge squirming, kicking toddler under my arm. Oh well. It has been sweet to bring Jane into Colin's nighttime rituals. She loves the stories and songs and Colin wants me to leave Baby Jane to sleep with him. Our plan is for them to share a room but not quite yet.
Brian is home soon and then we are quickly off to California. Wish us luck getting ready.


  1. The Wards said...
    Anne my thoughts and sentiments go out to you "Home alone". But I promise it does get easier. I know its very British, but a double stroller is a great thing. We are almost done with ours I wish I could mail it to you, but it would probably cost more than buying a new one. My little monkey children are happy on public transport, walking to the park, or even on the train in that horrible contraption. I feel like I have developed wonderwoman strength pushing it along with
    a 30 lb. 2 and 1/2 year old and a 25 lb. 9 month old, but its worth the sanity. Katya often walks, but its nice to know if I need to speed up the pace or she gets tired she can 'drive the bus' as we call it. 2 young kids is a really fun time when you overcome the tiredness and the trauma. I wish we could hang out and let the little ones torture each other. Have fun in California. We are going to be in California/Utah in July/August I hope we can see you.
    Ann said...
    Hey Leah! I wish we could, as you said, let the little ones torture each other! Hopefully next year when you visit or if a job in England drops from the sky for us. I am glad to hear it gets easier, and yes, I agree on the double stroller. We have one that is quite handy but my problem here is that things are not very walkable and when I just have a quick errand it seems too much to load the stroller (but then getting back to the car seems too much too.) Things are getting easier but I sure do not get much done in a day other than keeping us basically clean and fed.

    My mom will be in Birmingham over conference weekend on her way home from Prague.

    Take care and thanks!
    Julie said...
    Clean & fed is good! I'm lucky because Michael Anne is old enough to walk & stay with me while we are out and about. I always have her leash in the car though, just incase she's feeling a little to free!
    About 2 or 3 months ago I took the girls to the zoo. I had Michael on her leash (it's one of those cute monkey backpack ones). We were up by the zebras having a good old time when we passed by a young couple with no children. I over heard the girl say to her boyfriend how aweful she thought that was to treat your child like a dog and how SHE would never do such a thing. I guess having been a teacher for so long has tainted my social filter and I'll say just about anything to anyone...not always such a good quality...anyhow I was irritated at her so I walked my little monkey-dog child over with my 3 mo. baby in the stroller and asked her which child she thought I ought to leave behind to catch the other one decides to bolt. She didn't have a very good answer!

    Well, happy parenting!!
    Julie said...
    Does Colin like the zoo? We should get together & take the kids now that it's not too hot during these last days of summer. I love the zoo!
    Erin said...
    Julie, haha! I'm sure I was a know-it-all parent before I had any kids. I love those monkey leashes, especially for the age of around 2-3 when the kids can bolt anywhere.

    Ann, hoping to see you during your stay in California!
    malia said...
    oh man! it seems like your hands are full....or were full...or will be forever full when you have children in the house. :) i hope everything went well. and best of luck to you as your travel to cali. hope you have some fun times there.
    Ann said...
    Julie, Mrs M and Malia, thanks for the kind words. And Julie, we would love to go to the zoo but are leaving soon! Maybe a mild day in November? We would love to see you all again. And we LOVE our monkey harness! Colin loves it too! I had it on the diaper bag when I had to physically remove him from the store the other day, just unfortunately not on his body. We used his harness all over Paris and older French people looked at us with disgusted (it seems to be a cultured where children are shamed into obeying) while mothers with toddlers asked us where they could buy one. Anyone who has dealt with a spirited child understands. It is also a big safety issue as you explained. I love that you spoke to the judgemental non-parent! I wish I could have spoken back to all those French people.

    Brian is HOME and I swear I got more done within a couple hours of him being home than I did all week. We were all very, very happy he is home! Now onto the packing and cleaning and several more loads of laundry! I am having a hard time packing for Jane because since she is growing so fast, if I do not take something that fits her now she will never be able to wear it. She is in a hurry to get big and is getting very round and cute.
    singin'mama said...
    Yes, that transition to two adds a new dimension to life doesn't it? It get's even sweeter as the baby gets old enough to play with big brother. Right now, we deal with "partners in crime". So fun!

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