A little sad to leave

This is a view looking west into the garden and vineyard. Yeah, we are a little sad to leave this. It is such an amazing time of year with tons of garden produce and green grass again. I feel bad because we will not be around to help with the rest of the canning (sorry Mom).

Our friend Zendina was over this week and took some great photos with my camera while I was dealing with an extremely over-tired Colin. She has very beautiful children who Colin enjoys a lot (when he is not trying to run away with their things). They always give each other big hugs when they leave. Here is her oldest eating a garden carrot. Her kids have been very cute and love exploring the garden and grapes.

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  1. april said...
    that's a beautiful picture of the field/view. brian, that was quite the train track. impressive, but not surprising. glad colin appreciated it. happy travels!! we'll be thinking of ya.

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