Not to brag but. . .

So we are currently just sitting around watching Colin's evening Curious George (part of the bedtime ritual) and Brian announces "I feel a cleaning binge coming on." Not to brag but I have a husband who says things like "I feel a cleaning binge coming on". I also only have to cook about once every two weeks, Brian is around most of the time to help with kids (and even when he is working he is usually not gone for more than 4 hours a day). I do not have to watch sports, but we love the Olympics every 4 years. The list goes on and on. Thanks for cleaning Brian. You are really much better at it than I am. I'll go back to my full time job of keeping our infant breast-fed.

We have spent a beautiful fall day first at Wheeler Farm and then just laying around as a family on a blanket outside before Brian got most of our dinner from the garden. We kind of love this time.


  1. rusted sun said...
    While Lonnie was getting ready for work this morning he said "I think I need to clean the shower"..while he doesn't go on huge cleaning bouts he has cleaned the shower since we have been married, which is wonderful....because I hate to do it.

    So great being married to good clean men. :)
    malia said...
    Brag away....Brian is definitely something to brag out. :)

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