Happy Birthday to Jane!

We are very behind on the blogging. We have been out of town (shocking, I know) and while we were gone Jane had a birthday! None of us will have birthdays at home this year (Colin- Denver, Ann- Philadelphia, Jane-Washington, Brian-Japan) I can't believe she is two already! Our day started at my sister's house outside of Seattle with some park time.

At two Jane still does not have sense enough to resist tasting gravel. Not so yummy she found out.

She is a lot of fun and very, very enthusiastic.

She is a climber, and needed a rescue here.

She loves to climb slides. I told her to go up the stairs for this one since it was very high up and Jane told me, "no Mommy, don't tell me that." Her language has taken off as of late, and so has her independence. We have had a couple of really bad shopping trips to Costco. When we leave fun places I just need to remember there will nearly always be a tantrum. I had forgotten that I did not enjoy taking Colin places from age 2-3.

I marked in the photo afew above to show the slide Jane was climbing up. It was a three story play structure and she would just climb right up. No fear on her side, made me quite nervous.

And the Stucki cousins gave her her first Barbie. She attached herself to another girl's Barbie over the weekend so Jane was thrilled to have her own. Barbie was very quickly naked (and has been ever since) and Jane loves it.


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