Forgotten Pie Photos

Way back in Arizona, Brian re-created his award winning pie to share with opera colleagues and I got a few photos. Please observe the beauty and tastiness. Can you see the bits of caramely sugared ginger baked into the crust? Can you see the pastry flakes that shatter and melt in your mouth?

This time our dear friend Jet lent us a real pie plate, so the crust came out much happier.
So maybe I want some pie right now but alas, we have no pie.
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  1. Bonnie said...
    Hey - you don't know me, but I've been following your blog since my husband and I read about Brian and you in Classical Singer (we just had a hunch you were LDS :)). Hope you don't mind! I think your family is so cute - we basically want to have your lives in a few years (did that sound weird and or creepy?).

    And by the by, this pie looks dang good. Now I want pie.
    susan m hinckley said...
    but you do have a pie MAKER, which is the first important ingredient. . . get busy! (and save some for me)
    Ann said...
    Hi Bonnie, thanks for the comment! And Susan, hope we see you later this summer and yes, there will be PIE!

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