Washington Trip

Memorial Day weekend was spent on the Olympic Peninsula with Brian's siblings and families. Just a small little handful of people, no? I am sorry for the less-than-ideal lighting. It was dark outside and we were using three flashes which gave some crazy shadows.
It was a good time, and Colin LOVED playing with all the big cousins! Jane did better than I thought she would. Our poor kids, since we travel so much they probably thought we would just live here for a month.

Parents and siblings.

On our way to my sister's house, we took a ferry. Our kids were delighted as we drove on the boat. It was a beautiful day, just a little windy.

Jane was entertained by climbing up and down these stairs. She would sing "sube" and "baja" (up and down in Spanish) from a Diego cartoon. So smart! Thanks Nick Jr.!

She also had to explore inside. It was a great ferry.

Hello Seattle! It is a pretty city.

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  1. Jet said...
    What a beautiful Stucki family. Grandma and Grandpa Stucki are two amazing people to have a posterity of such cool kids and grandkids!

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