More Happy Birthday!

Since we were gone for Jane's birthday, I have been trying to do some things for her this week. Colin reminded me that we had not gotten her any presents, silly parents! We got her a red velvet cake to eat at a big Hinckley dinner last night that she finished with today's lunch.

After finding the Fisher Price Main Street at our local DI and having our kids play with a bunch of great old Fisher Price toys at a friend's house last week, I decided Jane's b-day would be focused around old Fisher Price toys. I spent $1.50 on the Main Street, but quickly spent more getting tons of cars, buses, the Camper, etc.

Colin was also delighted. It is so cute to listen to his imaginary play with these toys I once knew so well.

Crazy hair from pulling out the pony tails after only having about 15 minutes of sleep.

I love these old toys! I freely admit that this all was a gift for me too. I played with my FP toys so much! Sadly, my mom did not hold on to them.

Blurry photo, but shows a little of the new kitchen.

The first batch of FP toys I got did not have any people, but thanks to ebay, our people came today! So much more fun when you have the people! If anyone out there knows anyone with old Fisher Price toys they do not want please send them my way! I mostly want the old parking garage but would be happy with many! I need to be checking the second hand stores frequently as things get pricey on ebay.


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