Happy Father's Day!

Here is a photo that pretty well explains why we sacrifice to travel as a family.
Brian wanted to go up the canyon for father's day, mainly as a way to hopefully keep our crabby kids happy. We have spent the last 5 days working very hard on a benefit for our Birth Center. We were very happy to help and would do it again, but it has taken a lot out of us all (kids included). Brian was over the food (for about 200 people) and we both worked hard on lots of details. Since we are gone so much and miss lots of volunteer opportunities, we feel we have made up for a few years. Nice to have worked for the birth center on Father's Day Eve, seems appropriate.

The kids enjoyed the spray from the water on the right.

Thank you Monkey Harness and Daddy's firm grip on Jane. She loves water so much that she would probably happily throw herself into the very fast moving water.

We had a very pleasant little walk. When we came home the green Jell-o Colin made before dinner had set and made the kids very happy. Then Colin ate a second dinner. He must be working on a few more inches, he is hungry all the time!
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  1. Bonnie said...
    I love your daughter's cute little dress! Looks like the perfect Father's day activity.

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