Excited for Christmas

We took some quick photos after church yesterday with our new Christmas feature. Our kids love the tree so much. It is so sweet to see them studying all the ornaments and rearranging things. Still confusing though since they hope that every night will be the night Santa comes. Just a couple more days and we can get out an advent calendar. We even went to a fun advent party last night (since it was the first Sunday of advent). We have been getting tons of snow and it was a beautiful night to sing Christmas songs and see some friends.
Last Christmas we got a remote for the camera that we used for these photos. (You can see Brian holding it in the first photo.) Our kids loved having the camera take pictures by itself. Jane, looking into the lens thought a bubble was taking our photo.
The kids were bribed with candy canes.

A surprisingly natural smile for Colin.

I love Jane's look at Colin. There was some good craziness.


  1. Anne said...
    Lovely!!:) I am going to put up our Christmas tree with the help of my daughter later!:)
    Sarah said...
    Man, I have missed some very good posts lately. I'll have to check in more often. So fun to see all your pictures. Pie, gnocchi, Versailles, and I loved the dirty feet recap.
    Grericag said...
    Love your Christmas pics! So fun! We just got back from hawaii and are ready for Christmas (it just doesn't feel like Christmas when you're playing in the sand :) - let's get together soon. I'm also very curious to know if you guys will be heading to Italy or staying here...!

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