We had a fun Thanksgiving at my brother's house. Brian was asked to bring pie so here is what he came up with. We used the last of our concord grapes to make this lovely thing. (Grape pie is quite amazing if you ever get to try some. Here is the recipe c/o pie of the month.
Brian pretty much makes the best pie pastry in the world. I am not even kidding.
And the pecan reached new levels of caramel goodness, thanks to the secret ingredient we brought from Canada (golden syrup). We wish we had brought home a lot more of it as it is not as easy to come by around here.

I did not get any photos of our actual Thanksgiving dinner even though I brought all my photo equipment. It is too hard chasing kids, cutting the last bits of bacon for the brussel sprouts, etc to think about photos sometimes.
The day after Thanksgiving we try to either have a fondue or gnocchi. The last couple years it has been gnocchi. Colin was a very cute little helper. We tried to make a big deal to him about teaching him the secrets of our gnocchi. He promised to only share the gnocchi secrets with our friends.

Colin admiring his fork roll. They were super yummy gnocchi that Colin then would not eat at dinner. He is driving us a little crazy with some very picky eating (his foods cannot touch right now and so many things we know he likes go un-eaten. However, given the chance he will have dinner of just broccoli or brussel sprouts. Go figure.)

We got to spend some fun time this week with friend in from out of town, such fun!
And more friends who lived out of town but have since moved quite close.
And even more friends who used to live close but now have moved a bit further away (but we found it it not too far). We got to meet their beautiful little girl. She is a very sweet little one, it makes me a little baby hungry. Jane was so funny because when I was holding the baby she would tell me over and over, "that's not your baby!"
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  1. The Wards said...
    Colin and Katya are secretly the same person. Last year at Christmas we had to bribe her during the meal with brussel sprouts. We said she couldn't have any more until she ate her turkey and potatos. Strange children! I really thing our kids are missing out not hanging together. Hurry up and get a job in England Brian! We want some Stucki time! Did you know we are expecting number 3 in at the end of May. So excited, but so tired and wondering how I can do it all again? But somehow we will!
    Ann said...
    LEAH!!! We wish we could see you all too, and how funny to have such quirky kids! Can't complain though! Congratulations on #3! I knew from your blog or facebook and I seriously told Brian you were expecting just yesterday because that Christmas song where you were having a diction war with Brian was playing. I was not even there but it always makes me think of you!
    jungleprincess said...
    Ah, we missed out on the Stucki gnocci again! Maybe Colin will someday share the family secrets with us. :>)

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