Getting a tree

We headed out to get our Christmas tree yesterday. Lucky for us there is a tree farm not too far away. This very much puts Brian in his element. I cannot believe how big Colin looks walking with Brian. He is only 4!!
The farm is in Alpine and there are some great mountain views.
Jane did great exploring through the trees, even though it was nap time.

Below: contemplating if this was going to be our tree. (Yes, this is the one we took home. It is a very pretty one but very prickly. )

It was not too cold but the kids were still entertained by hot chocolate. We even got ice cream on the way home since it is the season of too many treats.

And we all got very muddy. I just remembered I left the kids boots in the car and have not cleaned them yet, crap. We have a few more inches of snow this morning, we will have to let the snow do most of the cleaning.

The kids are having a lot of fun with Christmas decorating but again, they thought Santa would have come today since we now have a tree. It does become a very long month for little kids. I just cannot believe how fast this year has gone, and how old we are getting!


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