Although not technically a successful photo, I love the above of Colin doing a happy dance. He has some serious moves. We woke up today to about 10-12 inches of snow. It has been confusing, I think both kids thought tomorrow would be Christmas since we had so much snow.
We are still short with a couple of the details we need to play well in the snow (Colin needs new boots and Jane needs better gloves). I got the hat Jane is wearing in Peru in 1998. Still, we had a fun morning in the snow.
Lucky for us, we have a great sledding hill (I guess technically it is my sister's hill. It is ok if we use it?)

Even by this afternoon a lot of the snow was gone so we are glad we got some photos. It was a lovely morning.
In other recent happenings, Brian picked about 100 pounds of apples this week (and I am not even over-exaggerating, I could barely lift the containers he was filling and he filled a lot of them). This week our house has smelled like applesauce a lot, it has been most festive. Brian is also very clever in his use of our Vitamix and cheesecloth to make great cider.

We made a bunch of apple pumpkin butter thinking it would be a nice gift to give to friends and neighbors. However, it is so delicious we may not be able to give any away. It is like pumpkin pie on your toast, yum!

Things have been busy recently. Brian gave a recital at BYU that took a lot to prepare, he has a few private students now that keep him busy, and I run to and from preschool a lot. We are looking forward to a fun Thanksgiving week!

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  1. Anne said...
    Sounds a lot like our trip to the forbidden city. I had baby in the backpack, and 3 year old in my arms for about an hour.

    We gave up on using harnesses because our kids would always throw themselves on the ground in protest, or as a joke. I'd be walking along, and all of the sudden I am dragging my child behind me with a leash.

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