Going on a Plane

My exciting news about phil&teds that I was giggling about a couple posts back: they asked me to be a travel blogger! Here is part one of my first post about making it through the airport. Just today we had a friend over and gave them pretty much the whole run down on phil&teds stroller benefits. I am a little obsessed. I just feel like whatever makes dealing with little kids a little easier is worth it, and our kids love their stroller.
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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    Congratulations! How fun to read -- is there anything you can't do?
    Ann said...
    Thanks Susan. I can't keep up with laundry or keep my bathroom clean. My kids have drawn all over themselves this morning and Jane is currently topless with a superhero mask on. Maybe add basic child care to things I can't do? Maybe I should kick myself off the computer.

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