Birthday PM

To round out the events on his actual golden birthday, after we went to a movie (3D Puss n' Boots at the dollar theatre) we let Colin choose a place to get dinner. Funny boy, he loves the tofu in hot and sour soup, so we headed for some Chinese.

When we got home, he also had gifts from Nana. She got him this great kaleidoscope and other cool things.

He had requested I bring donuts into his kindergarten class. We sang to him with an extra donut on fire.

Jane also requested candles so we sang "A very Merry Un-birthday" to her. My kids know that song well as Brian plays it from the Disney song book.

How we love that little big guy below! I need to work with him to memorize the poem from "When we were six".

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  1. Erin said...
    Happy birthday to Colin! and happy un-birthday to Jane:)
    Julie said...
    6, Wow!! Boy does he look like such a big boy! I guess he is at 6!!!

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