Camp Colin

The final round of the birthday. . . we had the kids from Colin's Primary class over for Camp Colin. There are tons of boys in the neighborhood, wish we could have invited them all! It was early Feb. but we had a gorgeous day in the high 50's. It was so nice out that it was too warm in the tent.

We had the boys run and get wood for the fire.

Fire! And Jane pulling up the rear getting wood.

We got out the big parachute.

It was crazy.

Nana made some little pigs in blankets.

And we roasted marshmallows!

Birthday smores, not too bad. A candle can still work.

Singing to the big 6 year old.

We wanted to have some survival-type games, so Brian made a stretcher. Kids loved taking turns with the fake injured.

Kind of funny, we had left some create paper out, and one little friend wrapped himself up and came out to scare everyone.

And then everything got ripped apart. There were many little boys who played like little boys. It was a fun, crazy day!
And below, one more time singing happy birthday the next day with big cousins.

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  1. Jet said...
    I want to be at Camp Colin! The stretcher and fun!! Ah, to be 6 again...
    rusted sun said...
    What a great idea for a birthday party. It looks like so much fun. I wish I could have been there too.

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