The circus!

Back the first week of February, my brother's family was heading to see a circus that was passing through, so we tagged along. The cotton candy was thrilling.

They were offering elephant rides but the line was super long. I'll wait for my elephant ride for when I visit the Nuttalls in India. Jane was being super cute.

Jane walking on one of the three rings of the circus. It was a good show, and was way longer than I expected. We had some grumpy kids the next day from getting home too late. Our kids loved the fire dancing and the motorcycles in the ball. They had tons of tigers, bears, and a great dog show, along with very cool aerial artists. Brian thought the success of Cirque de Soiel probably has flooded the world with people who aspire to work there but don't get the gig.

And below, Colin was a bit of a grump at the circus because I did not have the cash with me to have him go on a bouncy slide. I never have cash, but was super annoyed because they were charging $6 a kid for a very unimpressive blow up slide. I hope for $6 you got to go down it more that once at least, but as the show was about to start, I was not going to hunt down $12 for my kids to go on the slide. I guess I am a little mean, but come on, I am no sucker. We also had a Colin drama with a light up light saber that was for sale for $10. It was the exact same kind we bought for him on the streets of Warsaw a couple years back, and it lasted about 24 hours. Thankfully, Uncle Ted gave him a new quality light saber for his birthday. Colin cuddled his new light saber in bed for a few nights.

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