Pre-birthday bowling

Colin turned 6, and what we thought could be a simple birthday, turned into a several week celebration. I had first talked to him about just having a family party and saving his friend party for a half birthday party in the summer. He liked that idea, but then changed his mind. So for what was supposed to be a little family party, we went down to Provo to bowl with some older cousins. Colin adores his big cousins! We met Mike and J Dawgs where Mike works for their special hot dogs. They were kind of delicious. We then headed over to bowl.

Our kids love Fat Cats bowling. They have been to a couple parties there recently which made Colin want to bowl for his birthday.

Jane would get very excited. I love how you cannot even see her excited, flapping hands.

Happy pre-birthday little man!

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  1. Shannon Bousfield said...
    Hey Ann,
    Still webstalking you guys (thanks google reader!) and had to laugh at what a small world it is! We also are fans of JDawgs...Jayson is my sister's husband. Good to know they hire great people. Hope all is well and that the opera brings you guys back to southern california soon.

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