Sleep little Kate

We got Kate this very cute little bug mobile the end of January.

We think she likes it.
She has been a very challenging sleeper, but all our kids as young babies have not been great sleepers. We are not willing to have her cry it out, and don't really have the space to let her do that anyway. I think C&J would be very upset to hear her cry herself to sleep. Anyway, this stage will not last long, we will get through it. I told Kate that I have heard of little babies who you put down in their beds and the kick happily until they are asleep. She did not believe me.

Finally sleeping after nursing and bouncing. (I am writing this sitting on the exercise ball bouncing Kate right now. She is asleep on me as she's had croup and has had an even harder time sleeping. Poor baby, and poor me.)

And a couple of 5 month shots. I love this little shirt but it kind of makes people think she is a boy.

She has super great thighs!! And sweet little toes.

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  1. Joshua Tolley said...
    "It won't last long" is exactly what we told ourselves for about 8 months. When finally we let Kimmie cry it out, she did it a couple times and now she sleeps at night, mostly. The caveats: she's older than Kate, and our kids aren't the sorts to be worried by their sister crying for an hour (which has its own disadvantages).

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