California Dreaming

We had an easy drive to California this week. The last bit of packing and tidying up never seems easy and has gotten harder with two kids, but Brian got our little car packed and we left. We spent the night with our friend Susan in Las Vegas and loved seeing her again. From Vegas it was just another 4 hours drive so it did not matter so much that we had a slow morning and then stopped for a fun lunch at some Mad Greek restaurant in Baker.

We are slowly getting settled. We rented a house with a lot more room than we even hoped for, and a back yard and washer/dryer. We are also a couple blocks from a great park where we take Colin 1-2 times a day. Brian seems to be settling into rehearsals well (The Barber of Seville with Opera Pacific). He is working with a few people he knows.
Sorry for the same similar photos, but is not she so sweet? I love this baby time since Jane is so happy, responsive and engaging but still non-mobile and not eating with a spoon. She is very grabby and is already getting into anything within her reach, rolls around, but the longer she stays in one place the better! As soon as Colin was crawling there was no stopping him. But we will try to take more photos later. Just for fun we drove to Huntington Beach last night and looked at the cuteness but did not get out and walk around since we were hungry. We got some yummy Thai food then both our kids melted down as we were waiting for the check. It was great and probably best that the camera was left in the car.

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  1. Julie said...
    Glad your trip was okay. I love these photos of baby Jane...very sweet!
    Anne said...
    Jane really is Gorgeous, Ann. you make me excited about me having another GIRL! and i am definitely hiring you to take some family pictures of us while we are in Utah for Thanksgiving. you up for that? i am glad you guys have a little space this time, as opposed to your crazy and varied arrangements in Paris!
    Pao said...
    Tell me where do you live in socal?
    Maybe I can go and visit you.:)
    Persianlass said...
    Oh my goodness, what an adorable child!
    You have a very exciting life, we have not left the East Coast for 3 years. Wish you were closer by. Love to you and your family.

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