Final Disneyland

Oh Disneyland! We had some good times together. We spent a lot of money but were there at the perfect time while our 2 year old was still free but also 40 inches tall and fearless to go on all the big rides. We added two days to our time in California (thanks to generous hosting by the Zollingers) to get in a couple more days at Disneyland. We only realized a few days earlier that Colin was big enough to ride the more advanced rides so we focused on the big Mountain rides (Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain). Colin loved them all, and since we were with Jane, we would get a rider switch which allowed Colin to ride with Brian and then immediately after with me. He loved it! We came home through Las Vegas and at both Stateline and the New York, New York when Colin saw the roller coasters he got excited and said "I like that ride!"
Brian did the evening photography since he is a very talented night time photographer. Can you see there is already snow on Sleeping Beauty's castle? One of the reasons we stayed is because there were starting to get things ready for Christmas. It did get cold enough that we needed sweatshirts. We came home to real winter and 6 inches of snow at our home in Utah.

Colin loves Steamboat Willie. Thanks to Sue Anne, he is quite knowledgeable in old Mickey cartoons. He has a lovely daily ritual of watching a couple Mickey cartoons and then crying when they are over.

Main Street in Disneyland. I loved Disneyland at night.

California Adventure's Hollywood Back lot

Orlean's Square in Disneyland was quite far along in their Christmas decorating. It is a Mardi Gras Christmas. It did remind me of the French Quarter since I turned 25 at the real Mardi Gras.

This also reminded me of some of the Christmas decorations in Paris.

Outside the Haunted Mansion. We went in the Haunted Mansion about ten times and I always saw different things.

Good times. After this day at Disneyland the Zollingers took us to an Islamic Chinese place that was AMAZING! Yes, many good times.

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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    First of all, an Islamic Chinese place sounds very interesting. In Phoenix there is a Chinese burrito place that is one of my family's favorites. Secondly, thanks for sharing Disneyland! We had so many wonderful times at Disneyworld (our kids stopped counting at 60 times) and we really miss it a lot. Your post was a fun walk down memory lane.

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