It was a crazy Thanksgiving. Above is one of Brian's garden pumpkins that he had been saving to make extra special pie (below). It was very special, especially considering he has been working to make this pie for months.

The pie formed a star for the upcoming Christmas season.

I just liked this one.

Brian and Colin dug up more carrots from the garden Thanksgiving morning and Colin took the biggest one for his own. He really ate quite a bit of that carrot.

Brian's pecan pie, made with his secret weapon of Golden Syrup.

Just some baby cuteness.

The turkey fed us well.
Here was the complete menu:
Herbed roasted turkey (there was herb paste under the skin and surgically implanted in the breast meat)
Corn bread and Sausage stuffing
Fresh cranberry orange sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet potato and apple casserole
Glazed carrots with toasted pecans and bacon (from the garden)
Brussels sprouts with Boursin and pine nuts
Amish honeyed beets (also from the garden)
Spinach salad
Parker house rolls
Pink Grape Juice (juiced from the vineyard by Mom)
Pumpkin pie
Pecan Pie

Things got too crazy with everyone eating to take any photos of our actual Thanksgiving, but here is the table a few minutes before dinner. Colin had a major meltdown right before dinner but happily bounced back.

Colin helped me test the light for Mallory's photos. He had a play-doh truck in his hand that Brian made. It was a fun night, thanks to lots of work from Brian and my Mom.

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  1. Jeanette said...
    do you ever get tired of looking at the beautiful photos you take? i love looking at your blog!!! and how great is colin with the super-big carrot!? so cute.
    malia said...
    wow! fancy schmancy! looks like you had a great Thanksgiving.

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