I am feeling like a very negligent parent because Jane has not been photographed in about 3 weeks (the above photo is a month old). And with my good camera gone, I feel bad because she is doing so many cute things. She is a dear little baby, very happy and good natured although she is giving me some sleep problems. She went for a well-child check this last week and we found out she is an entire 18 pounds and 27 inches! She is nearly off the charts after being slow to gain weight as a newborn. Colin was exactly the same way when he was a baby and is now off the charts for his height and weight. He is 40 inches and 40 pounds which is quite a feat for someone not even 3 years old. He is wearing the clothes of a 4 and 5 year old and as we have mentioned, goes on all the rides at Disneyland that many older children are afraid of.

My kids seem to have inherited my overactive growth hormone. I was always in a hurry to grow up. My siblings used to tell me to act my size because asking me to act my age would have been regressive. Can you find me in my first grade photo below?

Grade school photographers must think it is hilarious to put the tallest child in the middle of the back row. We have had this trend verified by other tall friends. Hilarious!

It did not scan very well, but here I am with my brother and cousin on the first day of second grade. My cousin who I am standing next two is 9 months younger than I am, and my brother is almost 5 years older and also tall for his age. I was very excited about my ruffle shirt, new trapper keeper, and my awesome blue and white Nike shoes, which were a women's size 7 (at 7 years old). When I started the 3rd grade we had moved to Chicago. I was 5'3 and taller than my male teacher that year. My friends at school later told me that on the first day they thought I was the student teacher and not their fellow student.

This is my sister and I at my other sister's wedding when I was 12. I had reached my adult height (5'10) by age 11. Also in the photo is my best friend Lara from 5th grade (a normal sized child). I was not bothered by my height and being several heads taller than most of my friends. I have always wanted 2 more inches but don't think I am getting them.

Best of luck to my children who are likely always going to be tall for their age.
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  1. Anonymous said...
    Wow--5'3" in 3rd grade? I'm from a family of late bloomers, and I don't think I hit 5'3" until I was a freshman or a sophomore in high school. I think I may have still been growing when I went to college, and I have brothers who were still growing on their missions. My grandpa said that he was 5'2" or 5'3" when he graduated from high school and didn't stop growing until he was 26, when he was 5'11". (He was also 26 when he got married, so he used to joke, "Who knows how tall I would have been if I hadn't gotten married?")

    I have this theory that many people still operate with the conception of their bodies they formed as adolescents. Thus, I sometimes catch myself thinking I am short, although I am not (5'7"). Meanwhile, lots of adult women who felt self-conscious about being "big" as teenagers--compared to teenage boys who matured later--still (unfortunately and inaccurately) think of themselves as "big" years and years later.
    malia said...
    wow! that is crazy! well you have grown into a lovely young lady. :) you will have model children. it's all about the height. if you're 5'7" you're too short for supermodel status. :) so way to help out your children. :)
    Jeanette said...
    ann the is may be the greatest blog entry ever. this post truly made my day.
    Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    I loved seeing these pictures of the young Ann (aka the Super Hinckley). You really were such a freak of nature and I mean that in the kindest way. I still laugh whenever I see the one of you and Lara. People must have thought you were her babysitter. For being so standoutish, I must say, you are very socailly well-adjusted and always have been. Your kids will be lucky to inherit a lot of wonderful things from you, including your "super" genes.
    april said...
    this was fun, ann. glad that you've always loved your height. (i always wanted a couple more inches too.) glad to here more super hinckleys (stuckis) are blooming.
    jungleprincess said...
    Love the photos, Ann. I feel like I should scan and post our "special dress" photos from the MTC--the one where I'm wearing your special dress taped up and still all the way down to my ankles and you're wearing my special dress that barely hits your knees.

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