Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside. Here is Brian doing some raking. My mom bought a leaf blower this year that she loves, but it does not work on wet leaves. Since there was 6 inches of snow earlier this week it was just up to the old fashion rake.

Colin has had a happy reunion with all of his toys. He is a great little trike rider.

The remains of a snowman. It was an impressive one but met his demise. The day after Colin made it he woke up asking "what happened our snowman?" We read a book about what snowmen do at night so he may be a little suspicious. Mr. Snowman even had a garden carrot for his nose. There is still quite a bit of produce for us. My mom brought in all the green tomatoes before it frosted and wrapped them in paper and they are all ripe now. And there are still carrots, leeks, beets, chard and other things Brian can talk about later. And we have apples we need to sauce and one grape plant left to make into a little more jelly.

To show the scale of Mr. Snowman, here is Colin. Remember he is tall for his age (making Mr. Snowman even more impressive). We have a good sledding hill and Brian and Colin had some good runs this week. We are not home for long so it is nice that we are getting winter and fall fun.
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  1. peteanfamily said...
    it is incredibly how quick the time goes by... it seems like yesterday, watching your blog about seedling (the new born plants), and now , the garden is empty again ...

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