Temple Square

We love the lights at Temple Square and headed over the last night Brian was in town. He is currently in Boston rehearsing for three Messiah concerts this weekend. Jane and I are joining him later in the week and Colin is going to have a fun weekend with Nana.

Brian was inchrage of the night photography as he is quite clever with the night photos. It was also a chance to play with our new camera.

Colin had to play with Lightning McQueen for a while.

I put Colin in a hat I bought in Peru 10 years ago for myself. He looked very cute.

Sometimes you have to touch the lights.

Thankfully as far as we know there have not been any more terror threats on the Temple. We pray for peace and tolerance of every one's beliefs.

Jane was over-bundled. It was quite a mild night.

Nana came with us, as did Elizabeth and her roommate Kim.

We met up with Zendina and family. The kids had a great time running around.

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  1. malia said...
    pretty pictures! love it!
    Anonymous said...
    The SL Temple and Nativity shot is absolutely breath-taking! What a glorious pictorial of the essence of the season! This should be sold in a large frame!

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