The Lost Photos

So these photos were not really lost, we have just kind of been idiots about them. Last summer we bought a small digital camera that would be easier to take places than our large camera. We have hardly used the camera and have not really liked it (since we are spoiled with the digital SLR). Then we lost the transfer cable so these were trapped in the camera for more than a year. We realized our computer has a compatible port to put the memory card right in the computer. I still do not love this little camera, but I should give it more of a try for just simple, everyday kinds of things. Here are some random things from the last year:
Bloodied from getting beaten up in the Pearl Fishers at the Lyric Opera of Kansas City with our old friend Megan Hardy (of Sushi Party Megan Hardy fame). She came to see us in Kansas City last year. I've been lucky enough to know her and her family since 1983.
Last September in Atlanta with the The Southeastern Festival of Song,
playing at the Olympic Park.
Brian in Dialogues of the Carmelites with Kentucky Opera last Fall.

Colin with us getting a Christmas tree last December.

Part of us being idiots about the camera is not focusing it well. Point and shoot cameras are more complicated to us than the SLR. Here is Brian with the poster from his Lincoln Center debut this past March.

Brian was funny because he did not see these posters until after the concert and he said if he had seen them and seen his name he would have been more nervous. Megan Hardy was here with us again but those photos are all very blurry.

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  1. Erin said...
    I looked at the top picture for a good solid minute before I realized that was Brian in the picture. What can I say? It's late.

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