beach fun

As crazy as our traveling life is, there are definitely some perks. Brian started work yesterday but has a pretty easy schedule. We are having a great time.

So far we have kept the kids white. We are all so pasty.

Colin and Jane love the beach, but Jane also loves to eat sand. And amazingly, the sand make its way into her diaper (via her intestines) in less than 6 hours. I thought maybe a couple of fist fulls of sand would teach her that it is gross but no, she loves it. She was even purposely face planting into the sand. We did not take Colin to the beach until he was 14 months. I think being able to walk and being a few months older made him eat less sand.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Enjoy Hawaii! We loved living there SO much!! Great pictures! Deana Forrest
    singin'mama said...
    SOOO jealous right now!
    Kristin said...
    Please, please, please say "hello" to Quinn, the last minute replacement baritone. He's a dear friend and Hawaiian too (and a butt-kicking singer as well).

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