For more information on the Skipper adventures, see here and here and here. I do not know why Skipper has not traveled with us recently. We will try to make it up to Skipper.
We spent a beautiful gray day at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Downtown DC. It was beautiful and unlike anything I had ever seen. We were there with several thousand of our close friends. We thought we would never park and then had a nice walk from our car. (It really was great because we parked by the river and there were cherry trees lining the river the entire walk.) Lindy met us for a little while and we sat with her and a friendly stranger while Colin ate his hot dog.

Colin had some extra play time while I nursed Jane. Of course a stick became a gun.

Lovely Spring. A few magnolias and forsythia made it into our photos even though Brian was not there to celebrate anything other than cherry blossoms.

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