Hello from Hawaii. The Honolulu Symphony knows how to pick a hotel. We are at the Halekulani. The view is not bad.

One of the very zenlike public spaces in the hotel.

Colin and Jane enjoying their adorable kid size bathrobes.

Jane seems to nap better here than she does at home.
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  1. The Wards said...
    It's like you want me to die of jealousy. I know its bad to covet, but WOW! I am so glad you get to be there at such a fabulous time of year and have some much needed hawaian 'slow time'. Its a fabulous place.
    april said...
    me. very jealous. right now. enjoy!!! those pics of your kids in their robes, especially janie sleeping, are darling.
    peteanfamily said...
    I love the pic of jane sleeping !!!

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