National Cathedral

We spent some time this afternoon at the lovely National Cathedral. We love wandering in cathedrals and if we were not traveling with kids we would have gone back for Evensong. (We learned in England that Colin does not sit through Evensong very well.) When we were getting ready to go we told Colin we were going to a big church. He told us that he did not want to sing at the big church. We assured him he would not have to sing. He ended up sleeping in the stroller through the whole cathedral which was quite nice. Not related to the National Cathedral, but I was recently looking at some Paris photos with Colin and showed him when we went to Notre Dame. He told me he went to Nursery there.

Lindy used her day off to play with us. She took us through Georgetown after the Cathedral and then we hung out down on the Potomac. Very fun. Brian took all the photos today and got some very beautiful cathedral shots that I will have to have him post later. I'll focus on people for now.

Jane loves all glasses.

Jane needed some time to explore. She quickly climbed up a few stairs (she LOVES stairs) and crawled off, very fast, where it was roped off. When I was finally able to get to her she just squealed with delight.


  1. april said...
    glad you are enjoying your vacation. congrats to megan!! i enjoyed meeting her in march. i'm glad colin loved the air adn space museum. i expect to see him working for NASA someday. you all look so great!!! have fun.
    susan m hinckley said...
    Jane in glasses is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Somebody get me one of those!

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