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Just trying to get the Hawaii posts through my system. . . after re-posting problematic photo posts, a few photos still do not show up on my mom's computer. Hmm. . . we came home Monday night on a red-eye that went amazingly well. We are still a little jet-lagged. Our kids were up until about midnight last night but it is now almost 10am and everyone but me is still asleep. Hopefully we all will be fully functional in a few days.

The above collage includes a photo from the Blue Water Shrimp Truck, a favorite of ours in both Waikiki and the North Shore (there was one right next to Ted's Bakery in Sunset Beach, we also LOVED Ted's Bakery). The collage includes a couple photos from the Laie McDonald's. It is a special McDonald's with no play land but a waterfall and lots of Polynesian artifacts. We did go there a few times for the ease of getting a Happy Meal.

The Bradshaws knew a lady who has a vacation rental on this beach. We loved it and typically had the beach to ourselves. (We were usually there in the early mornings before it got too sunny since we are not really genetically cut out for long days on the beach. We have all come home still fairly white, thanks to my over-use of SPF 70.)

Jane loved the beach, but it would wear her out. She happily took a couple of beach naps. Poor Colin, looking at photos last night when we could not go to sleep told me he wants to go back to the beach with his friends. We very much hope to get back to Hawaii whenever possible!

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  1. rusted sun said...
    We are planning our Hawaii vacation for August. I will have to talk with you about all our plans. It sounds like you had a great time.

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