We had a nice Easter

We are still in Hawaii, just so busy relaxing no time to blog. (We are spending an extra week on the North Shore with some friends who teach at BYU Hawaii.) We had a fun Easter. The hotel had a little egg hunt and the kids got to meet the Easter Bunny himself. We learned that Easter can cause a 3 year old to have a few tantrums in the aftermath of sugar and excitement.

I love the little excited face. Colin still does not need much. He kept wanting to open all the eggs during the hunt. I bet by next year he will go for quantity. He had a fever for a few days last week so we were glad he was on the mend by Easter.

photo of Colin with a fever at lunch one day. We went to a Japanese BBQ place where you cook your meat at your table, which he would have loved, but instead he just slept. He loves any excuse to indulge in the children's Tylenol. It is quite a wonder drug for kids.

Here is a close up of one of Brian's many leis at the Sunday matinee. He got some beautiful ones. It was a great concert. Brian was a brilliant roasting swan. The man I was sitting next to who had a big background in music and had heard the piece at least 8 times said Brian was the best roasting swan he had ever heard. I loved hearing Carmina Burana, and Sumi Jo is an awesome diva. She does know how to work it and puts on a great show.

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Practicing to be paparazzi, here is Sumi Jo as she was leaving. She was thronged. Kind of funny, when Brian has sung Carmina Burana in the past, he usually just sat on the stage the whole time but in rehearsal Sumi told him he could not stay sitting on the stage because her dress would be too big. She had some amazing gowns, some of which made her look like a mermaid. It was all very fun and both concerts were sold out, which is great for the Symphony. We very much hope to be back with the Honolulu Symphony, maybe without kids next time. Anyone want to watch our kids for a week?

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    What does a "roasting swan" sound like? Does it sizzle?

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