Since it's been so cold outside, we've been enjoying our indoor seedlings. Luckily, the dining room of the house also doubles nicely as a greenhouse. Here are the babies on March 31st.

And here they are yesterday (taken with fun old lens). They're making good progress.

Baby tomatoes (taken with an awesome old macro lens). I believe these are an Amish heritage variety called Brandywine.

Baby Basil.

Armenian cucumber. They're light green and have deep ridges all along the surface of the fruit.

Brandywine tomato with intense selective focus.

Colin loves to help with the watering.

This is a triumph in the form of Spinach. We thought for sure all the seeds we had planted outside a few weeks ago would have to be replanted (since it snowed multiple times and never warmed to the point where germination seemed likely). But yesterday we noticed tiny rows of spinach and lettuce appearing. Now we'll wait on our peas, potatos, beets, kohl rabi, and onions. Yesterday Ann's mom got leek and fennel starts from the nursery.

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