More wedding

The Bride did a great hula for her husband. On our way home Brian asked me why I did not do a hula for him at our wedding. I reminded him that I am not Polynesian. The dance was great and the bride just slowly moved closer and closer to the groom.
Brian took this great photo that we call "orange drink". I do really like it.
The bridesmaids wore black dresses and these lovely (although uncomfortable) shoes. Everyone in the wedding party also had beautiful lays of fresh flowers.
I was a little excited to photograph the dancer/singer's body art.

There was very bright light while we were photographing the bride and groom, but we still got some cute photos of them. It was also still a little cold and windy but not too bad in the sun.

The cake was beautiful and had lots of beautiful fresh flowers.

The groom learns to adjust the dress.

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